Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The times they are a Changin'

The Eastern Mall crowds were huge, at least that's what it looked like on the J-Tron from the WWII Memorial...

It was a near perfect day today for the inaugural ceremony (despite the cold) and Aimee, Brian and I all headed down to see the swearing in. The crowd was enormous and jovial and happy and just every thing you could hope for. Despite my general distaste for the pomp and circumstance and traditional "stuck up-ness" surrounding political events I felt truly caught up in the ceremony. The crowd was electric and when Obama came out they exploded into cheers and clapping and general giddiness. Very cool to see it all.

Aimee and Brian just below the Washington Monument.

As could be expected Obama's speech was moving and inspirational and all around phenomenal. No matter your feelings on the campaign buzz words of the year, I can honestly say that Obama's speech gave me hope for the next four years in our country's continuing journey.

President Barack Hussein Obama - the 44th president of the United States of America. I have very high hopes for you Mr. President, please don't let us down.

I'm glad I was apart of today.

Beers afterward at Matchbox.

Uh, Did I miss something here???


Adam said...

Eastern mall crowds were immense. Amy and I were dead center between 13th and 14th streets. It was a wonderful day!

Blue-eyed Devil said...

Matchbox? The place to be was Paradiso! ;)

KMAX said...

Very cool. Only thing better in my eyes would have been to be along the parade route where Obama and Biden both got out and walked. It'd be amazing to actually see a President in person like that!

Paradiso, I think I was there anyway!