Sunday, January 11, 2009

The holiday stash

As I've said before, since Jenny and Brian went to Disney World and Aimee and I went to TN over Christmas, my folks came down this weekend to celebrate our family Christmas and my birthday on Friday. It was a pretty full weekend, between getting everyone organized and together on Friday, last minute gift shopping and some much needed ride time the weekend mostly flew by. Today is now being absorbed by my Christmas gift from the folks.

An oral adventure for the country bumpkin parents at Sticky Rice.

I could almost technically call this my best "cycling gift" for the GamJams Review. I mean it provides endless blogging capabilities for one thing, plus the ability to keep a closer eye on all the great deals on chainlove, the forums on MORE and all the other cycling specific shopping opportunities I can now get into. Alas, I'd probably be better off calling it the worst cycling related gift I recieved this year since it more then likely will keep me from actually getting outside and riding at least once over the coming months. I'm not complaining.

Jenny and Brian take the cake for providing the true best cycling gifts of the year. Yes I said gifts, there were two. I figure I had not only Christmas but also my birthday to build my experience on so it's allowed.

First, for my birthday they read my blog and went out and got me a cold gear mock neck Under Armour top. So nice! It may be even a little heavier then the one I had from years ago and it most certainly is a very welcome addition to the base layer collection. After one use the old one will hold a stench worse then most any I've ever smelled so I now will be less likel to wear a given top between washes.

Second, Brian went out to pick me up a new set of Michellin Pro Race 3's (once again from a blog post). The store was out of them but he managed to get some Vittoria's (the name of which escape me now) which are going to be stronger and better for all season riding then the michellins which currently are flat on the bike. I'll be mounting them today and giving them a test ride this afternoon if all goes as planned.

I believe I made out like a bandit this holiday. Thanks guys; you're all the best.

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