Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sunday driver

Finally, probably for the first time since September or so I got out for a base road ride. For the past couple of months I've hardly wanted to touch the road bike; my interests only with the trails. Today, between the likely miserable trail conditions and my growing lack of enthusiasm for the Dragon's geometry and setup I finally hopped on the CAAD9 for a moderate tour of my local roads.

End of ride scenery. One of the Ag Center Building in front of the cloud obscured sunset.

I stuck to the usual Ag Center to Bowie and back 20+ mile spin and kept the pace moderate for an easy but good feeling ride. I worked on keeping the pedal stroke consistent and tried to use the full stroke and otherwise just focused on a steady cadence and effort. I've felt that lately I've been simply mashing on the SS Jamis and not using all of my available resources for my riding so I want to try and brake myself of that quickly. That does not provide the optimal riding style for a single speed mountain bike much less anything else.

I believe I've dialed down the cold weather kit a bit better then I've had before. The only part that was uncomfortable was my toes but until I buy a new larger pair of shoes I don't think that'll be going anywhere. The PI Lobster Claw gloves are perfect for 35 degree (and likely even more so below) riding. Maybe a little sweaty but warm none the less. No small feat for my impossible fingers.

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