Thursday, January 22, 2009

How do you title a day?

Who knows, but I wanted to write anyway. My pictures do not match my words; just my day.

Today's Gamjams Review was for bar tape. I tend to buy whatever is available. I'm just not too specific about it. Maybe some are more comfortable then others but I find basic cork tape works just fine for me and doesn't get slippery on the hot and sweaty summer riding around the soggy DC Metro area.

Cassie must be one of the happiest (and happiest looking) dogs in the world!

Did the noon ride at Haines again today, this time with a much larger group of riders. I hadn't seen Chris G in a long time so we spent the majority of the ride sitting on the back just chatting. The pace was decent and I once again felt pretty good just sitting in. Also like yesterday I probably wouldn't have been able to do too much more, though after some vehicle issues and some fairly large seperations I was able to drill hard and long enough to bring myself back onto the back of the group. In the past I know I've struggled, maybe just mentally with the group seeming to be just barely out of reach.

She got a little play time in over at a park in Capital Hill today after work.

Now to one of the biggest issues with cycling and training. I STILL don't have enough gear for all this riding! Cold weather riding is especially bad; I have to wear so many layers that after a couple of rides I am out of clean riding clothes. Today I wore shorts under the fleece tights simply because I wanted to keep the tights relatively clean so I could get out again tomorrow. That's kind of gross considering I did the same thing yesterday and I tend to sweat pretty heavily no matter what.

Homer got some park time as well though the small children who he is a afraid of kept him on his leash at all times.

I think this method will work up to a point though at some time I'm going to need to think about getting another pair of fleece lined winter tights. The second under armour shirt helped a ton so if I can continually use the jacket over and over I'm probably golden. It's tough being a cycliste, there's always more stuff to NEED (want)...

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