Sunday, January 18, 2009

My disease

I've got one. It's obvious to most people that know me pretty well. I know lots of people with the same disease. I tend to surround myself with these people. I try to transfer my disease to those around me who do not already have it. I am very, very contagious.

Only one of the six bikes in this picture does not belong to either me or Aimee. I bet you can tell which it is...

Aimee decided she didn't want me to wait until February for the bike I was planning to buy used from a guy off of the MORE forums. So, she loaned me the cash for the new purchase. I, similarly to a crack addict, did everything I could to make sure the purchase could happen. I needed my new bike fix.

I woke up early, stole Aimee's car (approved thievery of course) and headed out to Wakefield Park to meet Jason on his way down to ride Laurel Hill. I did more then my fair share of over loading in cramming a couple of bikes into Aimee's tiny Kia Sephia. A crack head will do whatever they have to to get their fix. I got my bike.

Later in the day Aimee was starting to get the itch. The signs were obvious; I knew exactly what was happening. I could see it in her eyes. Aimee, with just the first taste of a sweet ride back in October at Revolution Cycles, had caught the bug. We need to go, I want to go, we HAVE to go look at bikes she says.

Who am I to judge. I oblige.

While I replaced the tube in my new rear wheel and swapped out my spd pedals to the new cranks, Aimee was busy checking out all the latest goods in the shop side at Capital Hill Bikes. Next thing I know she is telling me to get my bike back together, we're getting a quick fix.

A sneak peak.

Tour de Eastern Market, ended with two new bikes in the bike room of Aimee's apartment building. At the moment, 5 of the 12 bikes there are ours. The remainder ALL have flat tires and have not moved in over 6 months.


Brian said...

when do you start your 12 step program? "hello, my name is kevin...and i'm a bike-aholic." Aimee should start the affiliated significant other's group for those affected by your kind.

Darren said...

So how did the scalpel ride? From the seatpost looks to be actually on the taller end.