Saturday, January 24, 2009

Early morning high's at Rosaryville

This morning I got up early (on a weekend? wtf?) and headed out to Rosaryville for a couple of moderate laps on the new bike. I met Chris and John a bit after 8am (we were all a bit late) and the three of us plus Cassie headed out for a lap. I led the way and kept things moving and flowing pretty well for Chris on his cross bike and John riding for the first time since mid season last year.

I only got one picture today despite carrying my camera the whole time. Stopping for pictures just wasn't in my mindset this morning.

Everyone was having a good time and both guys loved the trails and inner loop especially. We stopped a few times, mostly so I could give Cass some water and otherwise made great time through the loop. Chris is impressive on the cross machine and really seemed to get a lot out of the ride. John was also really enjoying his first time at Rosaryville and if a wife's tapping toe wasn't waiting around at home would have stayed for the second lap.

After the first lap we talked for a bit in the lot and I got Cass back in the truck. The dropping temperature was being felt pretty quickly so I decided I needed to get moving quick. I jumped back on the bike and rode smoothly back onto the trails. I kept the pace moderate and just kept riding. No breaks, no serious hammering, just smooth quick riding.

I did a million times better with the nutrition today and could really tell the difference. I even remembered to fill and bring my water bottles full of Accelerade to help keep me going. I rode the inner loop, this time a bit smoother and with more of the natural flow of the area and finished out the loop with energy to spare. Towards the end of the ride I saw one of the DCMTB groups for the day getting going. Would have liked to have turned around and joined them but after 2 laps (or considering the group after 0 laps for me) keeping up with these guys would be a serious challenge for me.

The trails had frozen with a little bit of water in some spots but mostly those spots were just damp enough to see the tire treads. More surprisingly to me was the relative leaf cover in a lot of areas. The wind was up today and likely last night so I guess it blew a bunch of leaves over some areas of the trail. While riding spot on in the middle of the trails a few times I felt my rear sliding out on me where it hadn't last week.

Another great ride at Rosaryville though all the same. Tomorrow Adam and I are planning to head down for my first ride at Fountain Head. Should be a blast; I've heard only positives about the trails there.

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